Dental Bonding


Dental bonding can repair minor damage quickly and affordably. In this procedure, Dr. Joseph Rota can apply ultra-thin layers of tooth-shaded resin to the damaged area until both form and function are restored. The results blend in seamlessly with the rest of the tooth and can last 10 years or longer.

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WEBVTT 00:00:05.529 --> 00:00:08.743 If somebody chips the edge of a tooth, 00:00:09.200 --> 00:00:13.457 oftentimes we have kids coming in that chip their front tooth 00:00:13.760 --> 00:00:17.314 and my own son did that when he was 12 years old, 00:00:17.529 --> 00:00:22.800 we can place very quickly a resin restoration 00:00:23.143 --> 00:00:25.443 where it's bonded to the tooth 00:00:25.702 --> 00:00:29.286 and restores the tooth to its normal appearance. 00:00:29.287 --> 00:00:32.214 Especially for a child who's still growing 00:00:32.560 --> 00:00:35.718 and we don't want to do a more definitive restoration, 00:00:35.719 --> 00:00:37.360 like a veneer at that age, 00:00:37.800 --> 00:00:41.229 we'd rather have the child grow up a little bit 00:00:41.349 --> 00:00:45.400 and have the rest of their teeth form when their smile is fully formed 00:00:45.401 --> 00:00:49.080 and then we can do something that's more permanent like a porcelain veneer. 00:00:49.081 --> 00:00:54.480 We can also use it for fillings if we're doing a small enough filling, 00:00:54.481 --> 00:00:58.157 even in the back of the mouth, where we want a white filling. 00:00:58.357 --> 00:01:00.225 I don't do any metal fillings, 00:01:00.226 --> 00:01:02.857 no amalgams, mercury or anything like that. 00:01:03.120 --> 00:01:05.160 I haven't for many, many years. 00:01:06.071 --> 00:01:08.960 With the resin-filling material, 00:01:08.971 --> 00:01:11.602 we can bond that into the tooth 00:01:12.186 --> 00:01:14.629 and sculpt it to make it look like a tooth. 00:01:14.800 --> 00:01:17.360 Dental bonding can last quite a long time. 00:01:17.800 --> 00:01:23.757 Usually we see about anywhere from 8-10 years out of a restoration, 00:01:23.758 --> 00:01:26.198 sometimes longer if they're done really well, 00:01:26.199 --> 00:01:29.114 and with high-quality materials, which we use. 00:01:29.240 --> 00:01:32.960 If a patient is looking for something that's more long-lasting, 00:01:33.000 --> 00:01:37.891 maybe a lifetime, then we're usually going into a ceramic restoration 00:01:37.892 --> 00:01:41.643 that's made by our CEREC technology outside of the mouth. 00:01:43.471 --> 00:01:48.171 It's designed more accurately, and more fitted, and it's stronger 00:01:48.386 --> 00:01:50.528 and so oftentimes we'll do 00:01:50.529 --> 00:01:53.271 a ceramic restoration instead of the resin.


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