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Once Suzanne got off active duty, she hadn't been to the dentist in a few years, and she could tell her smile needed some attention. Dr. Rota in Colorado Springs immediately put Suzanna at ease and got to work on a treatment plan to restore her oral health. Almost 30 years later, Suzanna is still Dr. Rota's patient.

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WEBVTT 00:00:04.842 --> 00:00:09.508 I had gotten off active duty and had not been to a dentist 00:00:09.642 --> 00:00:15.308 for a couple of years and felt some funny things in my mouth, 00:00:15.309 --> 00:00:19.266 so I thought I'd better check into a new dentist. 00:00:19.442 --> 00:00:22.642 I had a lot of apprehension about going to the dentist 00:00:22.643 --> 00:00:24.500 and knowing I needed a lot of work. 00:00:24.900 --> 00:00:29.775 But Dr. Rota put me at ease, and he did a lot of work on my teeth, 00:00:29.776 --> 00:00:31.741 so I'm still his patient. 00:00:31.742 --> 00:00:34.517 He got me on a very good dentifrice program, 00:00:34.750 --> 00:00:39.300 and I've not really had any dental issues in… How many years? 00:00:39.301 --> 00:00:42.880 Almost 30 years, 33 years I've been coming to see Dr. Rota. 00:00:43.238 --> 00:00:45.308 I never felt good about my smile. 00:00:46.108 --> 00:00:48.967 I had him replace all of my amalgams 00:00:48.968 --> 00:00:52.800 and put in nicer crowns, and we did some veneer work, 00:00:52.801 --> 00:00:54.467 and he filled in some gaps. 00:00:54.468 --> 00:00:57.267 Now I'm proud of my smile. I'm proud of my teeth. 00:00:57.268 --> 00:01:01.309 They're comfortable, they work well, and I'm very happy. 00:01:01.442 --> 00:01:06.282 When I was in the navy reserves and I had to get physicals every year 00:01:06.283 --> 00:01:09.482 and I had to get predeployment physicals done, 00:01:09.483 --> 00:01:11.575 it always included a dental check. 00:01:11.983 --> 00:01:16.141 Every military dentist that looked at my teeth 00:01:16.233 --> 00:01:20.017 and the work that you've done would ask the question, 00:01:20.225 --> 00:01:23.150 who's your dentist, and would he mind if I called him? 00:01:23.151 --> 00:01:25.842 Because I want to be the kind of dentist he is. 00:01:25.843 --> 00:01:27.808 They could see good work. 00:01:28.975 --> 00:01:30.942 They knew it when they saw it.


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