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Dr. Joseph Rota shares the story of one of the most life-changing smile makeovers he's performed for a Colorado Springs patient. A young FedEx driver dropping off a package asked Dr. Rota for help with a smile that was seriously compromised, and Dr. Rota was ready to get to work on a smile transformation. After running into the patient five years later, Dr. Rota learned that he was now a FedEx district manager.

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00:00:05.108 --> 00:00:06.824 We've helped so many people. 00:00:06.825 --> 00:00:11.900 One of the things that I do is called a smile makeover. 00:00:12.350 --> 00:00:16.149 People come to me because they're not comfortable with smiling. 00:00:16.150 --> 00:00:22.151 I remember in particular, we had a Federal Express guy 00:00:22.152 --> 00:00:26.408 that would come into our office to deliver packages and whatever. 00:00:26.792 --> 00:00:32.742 He came in one day, and he saw me and he said, 00:00:34.300 --> 00:00:36.767 Do you think you could help me? 00:00:37.633 --> 00:00:42.520 He smiled, or showed me his teeth, and oh, my gosh, 00:00:42.550 --> 00:00:48.183 he had cavities and large holes in his teeth, and his teeth were black. 00:00:48.325 --> 00:00:49.317 A poor guy. 00:00:50.500 --> 00:00:55.400 I don't know how he functioned that way, let alone my cosmetics, 00:00:55.401 --> 00:00:59.317 but the pain that I think he might have experienced some time. 00:00:59.858 --> 00:01:03.240 So I said, Yeah, let's get you in the chair. 00:01:03.241 --> 00:01:06.317 Let's take a look at things, and I'd be happy to help. 00:01:06.318 --> 00:01:08.875 I think he was probably around 22 at the time, 00:01:09.150 --> 00:01:13.032 and his parents helped him get the care that he needed, 00:01:13.033 --> 00:01:16.192 and we created a beautiful smile for this guy. 00:01:16.258 --> 00:01:19.308 I saw him, I think, about five years later. 00:01:19.309 --> 00:01:21.817 His teeth were still in good shape, 00:01:22.175 --> 00:01:27.158 and he told me he was now the district manager for FedEx. 00:01:29.017 --> 00:01:31.774 What an incredible change it made for him 00:01:31.775 --> 00:01:36.683 because he went from a delivery boy to a management position in the company. 00:01:37.133 --> 00:01:38.792 We hear that all the time. 00:01:38.793 --> 00:01:45.067 I think you gain a lot of self-esteem when you're comfortable about who you are, 00:01:45.068 --> 00:01:48.842 and a smile is the portal to that.


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