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Kristy was struggling with pain when chewing, but every dentist she visited told her they couldn't find an issue. When she visited Dr. Rota in Colorado Springs, he put our advanced in-office technology to use to identify problems other professionals could not. Great diagnostics lead to the most effective treatment, and Kristy says she is now pain-free for the first time in years.

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00:00:06.457 --> 00:00:09.371 One of the reasons that I came in to see Dr. Rota, 00:00:09.372 --> 00:00:13.199 I was having trouble eating on both sides of my mouth, 00:00:13.200 --> 00:00:18.471 was not able to chew on either side, having a lot of trouble with pain. 00:00:18.943 --> 00:00:22.457 I knew that there were things that were not right, 00:00:22.680 --> 00:00:25.614 but anytime we went to a dental office, 00:00:25.943 --> 00:00:29.128 I was told that they couldn't find anything 00:00:29.129 --> 00:00:30.343 and it was normal, 00:00:30.520 --> 00:00:33.070 and that maybe there was some sensitivity there, 00:00:33.071 --> 00:00:34.886 but not to be concerned about it. 00:00:34.920 --> 00:00:39.314 When we came here, we found out that it was a completely different story. 00:00:40.086 --> 00:00:42.614 Again, the thoroughness of Dr. Rota, 00:00:42.840 --> 00:00:46.370 he was able to find things not just with x-ray, 00:00:46.371 --> 00:00:49.165 but with other techniques, with cameras, 00:00:49.365 --> 00:00:52.161 that definitely showed problems 00:00:52.162 --> 00:00:55.729 that other dentists in the area were not able to find. 00:00:55.920 --> 00:01:00.183 I find him very calming and very easy to speak. 00:01:00.383 --> 00:01:05.043 He was very honest and truthful and explained everything, 00:01:06.157 --> 00:01:09.386 no matter how many questions I had, which I had a lot of questions. 00:01:09.387 --> 00:01:11.629 I had multiple things that were wrong, 00:01:12.000 --> 00:01:17.857 and with cracked teeth and old cavities and just a lot of different things, 00:01:18.280 --> 00:01:21.600 I can chew, I'm happy to say, on each side of my mouth. 00:01:21.601 --> 00:01:26.100 I am pain-free, probably for the first time in 12 years.


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