Full Mouth Restoration


For Dr. Joseph Rota, full mouth reconstruction is a collaborative experience with Colorado Springs patients. After determining the right treatments to address your concerns, Dr. Rota will create a detailed wax-up model to give you a preview of your finished results. You'll be able to handle this model yourself and tell Dr. Rota about any adjustments you'd like to make.

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WEBVTT 00:00:06.629 --> 00:00:12.843 Here we have a set of stone models of a patient that I recently saw, 00:00:12.886 --> 00:00:17.329 and you can see their teeth here, pretty short. 00:00:17.371 --> 00:00:19.757 This patient is about 44 years old, 00:00:19.886 --> 00:00:25.914 and she has been grinding her teeth for quite a long time. 00:00:27.043 --> 00:00:30.114 Her bite is very uneven, 00:00:30.329 --> 00:00:33.586 and she's had some pain with her jaw joint. 00:00:33.757 --> 00:00:36.886 You can see that she's actually broken a couple of teeth here. 00:00:37.429 --> 00:00:42.642 What I did for this patient, and the most important thing that we do 00:00:42.643 --> 00:00:46.086 when we're starting to treat a patient for full mouth rehab, 00:00:46.129 --> 00:00:47.843 which is what we call this, 00:00:48.143 --> 00:00:50.557 is that we do a diagnostic wax-up. 00:00:51.480 --> 00:00:56.557 I take her snow models and I mount them on a jaw simulator, 00:00:56.558 --> 00:01:00.714 and then I determine where her bite should be, 00:01:01.743 --> 00:01:06.271 and I fabricate a diagnostic wax-up. 00:01:06.657 --> 00:01:08.700 This is where the patient was, 00:01:08.814 --> 00:01:12.429 and this is the result of my diagnostic wax-up. 00:01:12.729 --> 00:01:15.357 By doing this diagnostic wax-up, 00:01:15.486 --> 00:01:18.857 the patient gets to see what the final result may look like. 00:01:18.957 --> 00:01:21.957 We can then take molds of the wax-up 00:01:22.143 --> 00:01:25.510 and actually place them over the patient's teeth 00:01:25.511 --> 00:01:26.557 before we do anything 00:01:26.558 --> 00:01:28.743 so that they can get some idea 00:01:28.744 --> 00:01:32.429 of what the esthetic result will look like in their mouth. 00:01:32.971 --> 00:01:38.686 These models are then also used in guiding my preparation of the teeth, 00:01:38.843 --> 00:01:43.399 and we make, again, a mold of these teeth so that we can make temporary. 00:01:43.400 --> 00:01:46.729 After we've prepared the teeth, 00:01:46.800 --> 00:01:51.686 we can place this exact representation of the final product. 00:01:52.086 --> 00:01:56.800 This gives the patient a chance to look at the teeth, the final product, 00:01:56.886 --> 00:01:59.129 in a temporary form, 00:01:59.343 --> 00:02:02.929 and we can make any changes to improve the result 00:02:03.071 --> 00:02:07.314 or to improve what the patient is looking for.


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