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Dr. Rota's foundation as a cosmetic dentist began at the Las Vegas Institute for Cosmetic Dentistry, an elite destination for training in dental aesthetics. Dr. Rota believes meticulous planning is the most important part of any cosmetic treatment he performs. With a wide selection of premium services to choose from, you can rest assured your results will be beautiful and tailored just for you.

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WEBVTT 00:00:05.914 --> 00:00:07.900 I was trained back in the '90s 00:00:08.871 --> 00:00:12.829 at a school called Las Vegas Institute for Cosmetic Dentistry. 00:00:13.900 --> 00:00:18.358 It was a life-changing experience for me because I learned 00:00:18.875 --> 00:00:22.401 so many, really minor things that make a big difference 00:00:22.402 --> 00:00:24.000 in how a smile is created. 00:00:25.414 --> 00:00:31.429 A big part of cosmetic dentistry for me is designing. 00:00:31.786 --> 00:00:33.957 When I look at a smile, 00:00:35.286 --> 00:00:39.371 I identify what I can do to enhance that smile. 00:00:39.829 --> 00:00:44.014 I do what we call a diagnostic wax-up, where I'll take a stone model, 00:00:44.200 --> 00:00:47.500 now a resin model, of the patient, 00:00:47.557 --> 00:00:53.571 and we add wax to the teeth to create the smile. 00:00:55.771 --> 00:00:59.471 It's a sculpting technique that I do by hand. 00:00:59.643 --> 00:01:04.743 Before I ever do anything for the patient, I've done it on a stone model 00:01:05.114 --> 00:01:06.757 and presented it to the patient, 00:01:06.758 --> 00:01:08.943 so they can see what their smile will look like. 00:01:09.057 --> 00:01:14.385 A veneer is a type of crown that goes over the tooth, 00:01:14.386 --> 00:01:17.186 and Usually, especially in the front of the mouth, 00:01:17.400 --> 00:01:20.243 it will go over the face of the tooth 00:01:20.257 --> 00:01:23.686 and over the edge so that we can change the color of the tooth, 00:01:23.757 --> 00:01:26.786 we can change the shape of the tooth, the length of the tooth, 00:01:27.214 --> 00:01:29.500 and make it more correct. 00:01:30.157 --> 00:01:33.686 Lots of times people don't understand what their problems are. 00:01:34.271 --> 00:01:39.586 They may not understand how serious it is or may think it's more serious than it is. 00:01:41.314 --> 00:01:45.143 I think it's important that I educate them to what their options are. 00:01:45.600 --> 00:01:50.000 Do we need to go to a denture now because your teeth are badly infected? 00:01:50.157 --> 00:01:52.971 Or are your teeth in good enough shape 00:01:53.186 --> 00:01:56.943 that we can maybe do an implant or do some veneer work? 00:01:56.944 --> 00:02:00.443 Every patient is treated based upon how they present. 00:02:00.600 --> 00:02:03.214 We can always pull teeth and make a denture, 00:02:03.215 --> 00:02:05.129 but is that the best thing for the patient? 00:02:05.243 --> 00:02:06.243 May not be. 00:02:06.529 --> 00:02:08.171 If we have to do that, 00:02:08.900 --> 00:02:12.925 would it be better maybe to do a few implants associated with the dentures 00:02:12.926 --> 00:02:15.033 so the patient can enjoy 00:02:15.525 --> 00:02:18.017 the use of their dentures without them moving all around? 00:02:18.018 --> 00:02:23.192 Because the biggest change that implants have made for patients 00:02:23.330 --> 00:02:27.092 is stabilizing their dentures so that they can chew and smile and talk 00:02:27.093 --> 00:02:29.258 without the dentures flipping out of their mouth. 00:02:29.617 --> 00:02:31.368 Teeth whitening may last, 00:02:32.025 --> 00:02:35.483 about three years with an office whitening technique. 00:02:35.708 --> 00:02:38.467 But we do what we call a white-for-life program. 00:02:38.700 --> 00:02:42.692 The patient comes in every 6 months for their cleaning. 00:02:42.850 --> 00:02:44.683 We'll give them some bleach 00:02:45.160 --> 00:02:47.717 and home trays that they can use, 00:02:47.736 --> 00:02:51.617 and they can use those trays for a couple of days, 00:02:51.618 --> 00:02:54.358 an hour, a day or whatever, to brighten up their teeth. 00:02:54.640 --> 00:02:59.292 If they do that every few months, every six months or once a month, 00:02:59.642 --> 00:03:02.042 where wear the tray for an hour with some bleach, 00:03:02.500 --> 00:03:06.133 their teeth can stay white for the rest of their life.


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