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For Dr. Joseph Rota, sleep apnea treatment is personal—his own father passed away from a heart attack connected to sleep apnea. Now, Dr. Rota seeks to help all Colorado Springs patients who are affected by sleep apnea with options like custom oral appliances to reposition the airway. Addressing sleep apnea now can make a huge impact on your health and quality of life for years to come.

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WEBVTT 00:00:03.186 --> 00:00:08.085 One of the more recent treatments that we do for patients 00:00:08.086 --> 00:00:10.914 is treating sleep apnea. 00:00:11.360 --> 00:00:17.270 I mentioned before, I have a particular interest in treating sleep apnea 00:00:17.271 --> 00:00:24.043 because my dad died at the age of 62 from a sudden heart attack. 00:00:25.986 --> 00:00:28.000 It left my family pretty devastated. 00:00:28.001 --> 00:00:32.543 I had two sisters that were still in high school, who've lost their dad. 00:00:35.000 --> 00:00:38.920 It made such an impact on our whole family. 00:00:39.014 --> 00:00:43.243 More recently, in the last, well, 20 years, I've been doing this. 00:00:43.314 --> 00:00:50.759 We make dental devices that patients can wear at night to reposition their jaw, 00:00:50.760 --> 00:00:54.919 so that their airway is more open and they don't stop breathing at night. 00:00:54.920 --> 00:00:58.386 It's not really so much life-changing as life extending 00:00:58.657 --> 00:01:02.800 because I think in providing that care. 00:01:02.801 --> 00:01:07.670 We screen every patient that comes in the office for sleep apnea 00:01:07.671 --> 00:01:10.719 and recommend testing if they need it in treatment. 00:01:10.720 --> 00:01:13.386 Sometimes they need to wear CPAP, 00:01:14.229 --> 00:01:19.414 which is a mask that blows air into their system. 00:01:20.320 --> 00:01:23.640 But it saves lives, and it makes a big difference, 00:01:23.641 --> 00:01:27.171 because saving that life is not only that person, 00:01:27.172 --> 00:01:30.086 but it's the family that that person has. 00:01:31.000 --> 00:01:34.600 This is a typical sleep appliance, 00:01:34.760 --> 00:01:39.760 and you'll notice it's made of plastic, and it's very light. 00:01:40.371 --> 00:01:45.500 We have different size elastics that we can place on the appliance 00:01:45.501 --> 00:01:47.585 to change the position of the appliance. 00:01:47.586 --> 00:01:49.528 The patient will wear this at night, 00:01:49.529 --> 00:01:53.600 and it will change the position of their jaw, opening up their airways, 00:01:53.601 --> 00:01:56.671 so they can breathe better while they're sleeping. 00:01:56.971 --> 00:01:59.271 Just yesterday, I had a patient come in 00:01:59.356 --> 00:02:03.943 who we had referred to a sleep doctor in the community, 00:02:05.486 --> 00:02:10.843 and he stopped breathing 80 times in an hour, 00:02:11.357 --> 00:02:16.971 and that was just killing him slowly. 00:02:17.829 --> 00:02:21.600 He came to me and said, you've saved my life. 00:02:24.257 --> 00:02:26.999 That makes all the difference in the world to me, 00:02:27.000 --> 00:02:32.520 that we can provide that care and response from our patients.


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