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How Does Periodontal Disease Affect Overall Health?

Posted by Roz on Feb 14 2022, 10:50 PM

Improper oral hygiene can negatively impact your overall health as gum infections or periodontal disease cause more than just bad breath or toothaches. In fact, research has linked oral health problems like periodontal disease to diabetes, heart problems, asthma, and even Alzheimer’s. 

If you feel that there is an infection developing in your gums, visit a dentist promptly to avoid further health complications. If you reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado, contact Dr. Joseph Rota at Rota Advanced Dental Care for a comprehensive dental evaluation.

Connection Between Periodontal Disease and Various Health Conditions

Periodontal Disease and Diabetes

Periodontal disease is an inflammatory gum disease that causes the tissues and bones supporting the teeth to break down. People who suffer from diabetes have low immunity and a poor healing capacity. This can cause the breakdown of bones and tissue to advance more rapidly.

As per the American Diabetes Association, there is a vicious cycle between periodontal disease and diabetes. Blood glucose management may be affected by periodontal disease and people with diabetes are more at risk of bacterial infections leading to periodontal disease. 

As per a 2017 study published in the BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care, about 1 in 5 people with periodontal disease also have type 2 diabetes without being aware of it. It, therefore, becomes very important to get regular dental checkups in order to identify any issues early on.

Periodontal Disease and Heart Conditions

Although there is research on the connection between gum disease and heart disease, the evidence is still inconclusive. However, the connection seems to be the result of an inflammatory protein (CRP) found in blood plasma. CRP is usually high in people suffering from gum disease. 

Moreover, protein levels may rise further in response to inflammatory conditions in the body. This may happen as bacteria from the infected gum tissue enters the bloodstream and travels to other body parts, causing arterial plaque and inflammation. 

Another connection between gum disease and heart conditions is that both these conditions share similar risk factors from smoking and obesity. 

As per a 2014 study, treating gum disease could prevent adverse outcomes in heart diseases. Although a clear cause and effect relationship hasn’t been established between oral health and other health conditions, a strong probability cannot be ruled out.

If you want to learn more about the connection between periodontal disease and other health issues, contact Rota Advanced Dental Care at (719) 598-1224 or visit Dentist in Colorado Springs, CO at 6210 Woodmen Park View, Colorado Springs, CO 80923. 

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