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Dental Crowns

Are you living with a broken, infected, or decayed tooth? Dr. Joseph Rota can save it with a dental crown.

Our dentist invests in your smile with lifelike materials like porcelain, zirconia, and IPS e.max®. We also offer same-day crowns.

Don't delay — the sooner you act, the easier it will be to save your tooth. Visit Rota Dental in Colorado Springs, CO, to get started.

What Does a Crown Look Like?

Dental crowns
Essentially, a dental crown is a cap that blends in with your existing teeth. It can be made from ceramic materials or zirconia, which are then color-matched to your enamel. Our Colorado Springs dental practice offers discreet and durable crowns so that your new smile will be built to last.

How Can a Crown Help Me?

Crowns Restore Functionality

After decay or breakage, you may not be able to chew properly. This can limit your diet and even cause daily discomfort. A new porcelain crown can restore functionality to your tooth, allowing you to enjoy the little things and everyday life again.

Crowns Protect Your Tooth

If you have a cavity, the tooth will need protection once the affected portions have been removed. That's where a dental crown comes in, covering the damaged or decayed parts of your tooth so that it's fully shielded from future damage.

Crowns Improve Aesthetics

While the number one purpose of a dental crown is to protect and restore your tooth, crowns have the added benefit of improving the appearance of your teeth. We use natural-looking materials like zirconia and porcelain to match your crown to your existing enamel. In some cases, cosmetic crowns are preferred to porcelain veneers to enhance your teeth.

"One of the best decisions I made."

Javier initially visited Dr. Rota's Colorado Springs practice to talk about braces, but Dr. Rota explained how a set of custom dental crowns offered similar cosmetic benefits in a quicker timeframe. Javier says going with crowns was an excellent decision. Strangers now approach him to compliment him on his smile!

Making Care Easier For Patients With Dental Anxiety

"Me and my wife come here for fantastic service. Dr.Rota has helped me with extreme anxiety about dentists! I went from needing serious medication every single visit, too now I will only use it on special occasions for serious procedures. I can’t express how much I appreciate Dr. Rota and his staff (including the puppies my buddy Ottis knows when I need a friend). We will be coming here for years to come. Several of my teeth have been saved and I have a healthy mouth for the first time in a long time, and we’re keeping it that way!! I always recommend them to all my family and friends." Andrew Graham

Receive a Crown In Just One Visit

The drawback of certain offices is that their crown specifications need to be sent out to a lab, and then the finished crown needs to be shipped back. With our CEREC® machine, our dentist can make your crown as you wait.

These same-day crowns look completely lifelike and can be matched to your unique smile, meaning you never have to sacrifice quality for convenience. Plus, we make all our traditional porcelain, zirconia, and IPS e.max crowns at an in-house lab, saving you time no matter which option you choose.

How Does Dental Crown Treatment Work?

During the course of your dental crown treatment, our dentist will work with you to improve the health of your smile, as well as place your permanent restoration. Because all of our crown treatments are custom, yours may vary, though the typical timeline looks something like this:
At our compassionate dental practice, sedation dentistry is available to help you relax throughout your crown treatment.
At our compassionate dental practice, sedation dentistry is available to help you relax throughout your crown treatment.

Dental Consultation

Many dental patients' first concern about visiting our Colorado Springs dental office is fear of judgment, so let us put you at ease right away: we're here to help — and we're thankful to be a part of the solution. We'll listen to you during your dental consultation as we assess the health of your natural teeth. Then, we'll explain your options, answering any questions you might have.

Supplementary Treatment

Swift treatment for dental concerns like root canal infections or serious cavities can save your tooth. Before we place your crown, our team will make sure you have healthy gums and address the cause of damage or decay affecting your natural teeth. That could include treating gum disease and cavities or performing root canal therapy.


Curious about what your crown may look like?

Our dentist can create a wax-up of your new dental crown, allowing you to preview your results.

Tooth Preparation

In order for your new crown to fit as precisely as possible, your dentist will need to lightly shave some enamel off each treated tooth.

Thanks to local anesthetic, this process is safe and entirely painless.

Temporary Crown

If you choose a same-day CEREC crown, you won't need a temporary crown. In other instances, we'll place a temporary restoration so you never have to leave Rota Dental without a strong and beautiful smile.

Permanent Crown

Once your permanent crown is ready, you'll return to our Colorado Springs office. There, we'll replace your temporary crown with your permanent restoration, which can be made of porcelain, zirconia, or IPS e.max. We'll attach your permanent crown with an adhesive like dental cement. After it is fully adhered, we'll make any slight adjustments to ensure you're completely satisfied with the look and feel of your teeth.

What If I Require an Extraction? There's Still Hope at Rota Dental

It may help you to know that even if we can't save a patient's teeth or if you're already missing a tooth, we offer another option: a crown supported by a dental implant.
Implant-supported crowns rely on a process called osseointegration. It allows your dental implant, which is essentially a titanium screw, to fuse with your jawbone. Once osseointegration is complete, our dentist can attach your crown with an abutment, or connector piece, for seamless results.

Why Colorado Springs Patients Choose Our Dentistry Practice


Alison Resetar


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Dr. Rota and his staff go above and beyond to assist with any dental or TMJ issue you are having. They develop a plan and, if cannot assist you themselves, will recommend and follow through to make sure you get the care you need. He has years of experience and stays up to date on the latest technology so you get the best of both worlds. Highly recommend!!

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Mindy Upton


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I cannot recommend Rota enough! I haven’t been to a dentist in 10 years and had quite a bit of anxiety over the treatment I required. They went above and beyond to set me at ease before and during the procedure. I don’t remember hardly a thing! And I love that. Haha! Seriously, if you need a new dental team, you will LOVE these people.

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Rota Advanced Dental Care

Dr. Joseph Rota of Rota Advanced Dental Care has been providing top-of-the-line dentistry for more than 45 years. Our Colorado Springs office is focused on modern methods and innovative technology for your comfort and convenience. Our professional affiliations include the:

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  • Colorado Dental Association
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