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With a number of causes, each falling into different categories, tooth pain can range from a nagging ache to sharp, excruciating pain. Consequently, treatment for tooth pain could involve changing one’s oral health routine or it might include more intensive dental care treatments. What’s more is that while tooth pain is mostly associated with problems with the teeth or jaw, it can also have non-dental related causes.

To better understand, consider a few common causes of tooth pain. First, when a tooth succumbs to trauma or is chipped or broken, individuals may experience pain. Tooth decay stemming from a cavity or abscess can also result in pain. In this case, individuals might complain of a mild toothache or severe pain, depending on the extent of the decay and infection. Finally, periodontal (gum) disease can elicit pain as gum tissues become red and irritated.

Aside from the more obvious causes of tooth pain, it’s important to understand that pain is not always isolated in a tooth. For instance, if an individual grinds their teeth at night, they may experience a toothache, along with pain in their jaw or face. This is typically referred to as TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction. In addition, a sinus infection can cause pain in the teeth, along with certain viral infections, nerve disease, drug abuse, vitamin deficiencies, impacted wisdom teeth, uneven bite, mouth cancer and more. With multiple considerations and overlapping symptoms, it’s wise to contact a dentist if you’re experiencing tooth pain that is difficult to pinpoint.

Treatment for a Toothache

For some, a toothache is nothing more than an annoying sensation that they deal with. For others, the sudden onset of a toothache may be so severe that they develop fever and chills. In either case, toothache pain shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it could indicate a larger issue. Whether treatment for a toothache is considered routine or emergency care, we are equipped to provide the level of dentistry that patients need. An important component of any dental visit, we begin with a comprehensive evaluation of a patient’s oral health, along with digital x-rays to detect the source of their pain. From there, we can determine which treatment option is best suited for their unique needs.

We provide an expansive menu of toothache treatments, some of which include a dental filling, a dental crown or root canal therapy, along with periodontal therapy and antibiotics when needed. For patients with toothache pain stemming from grinding their teeth or clenching their jaw, a customized mouthpiece can be fabricated to ensure that the jaw is aligned properly. On the other hand, if an individual experiences pain from a damaged filling or crown, our dentists can replace these restorations to alleviate pain and strengthen teeth.

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