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Those who suffer from TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) know the symptoms well. The most common symptoms are pain and muscles spasms, but there can also be clenching (or grinding) of your teeth, limited range of motion in your mouth, headaches, and noise in your jaw joints.


It is important to note there is not a recognized specialty in TMJ, so it is not completely accurate to call anyone a TMJ Dentist. That being said, Dr. Rota has received his fellowship at The American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, which is dedicated to the treatment of TMJ disorders. In addition, he has been treating TMJ patients for 30 years and knows how to relieve their pain.


At Rota Dental we’ll use the latest technology to diagnose. Some of our technology includes:

  • Tomographs- Specialized x-rays that enable Dr. Rota to check the health of your jaw joints.
  • Sonography- This joint vibration analysis allows us to hear the sounds your jaw is making during movement.
  • Electromyography- Allows us to measure the tension in your bite muscles.
  • Sensor Array- In order to concisely track your jaw movements, we’ll use magnets to track open/closed, front/back, and side to side movements in your jaw.
  • TENS Unit- Sending a low frequency pulse into your jaw muscles, we’ll be able to track the ideal jaw position for you.


During your diagnosis, we’ll define what is the ideal position for your jaw to enable you complete range of motion without the pain you’ve been experiencing. Once that diagnosis is completed you will be fitted with a custom orthotic that will gently reposition your jaw. We will also discuss the best options for you in correcting your biting surfaces such as placing crowns or veneers.


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