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Everyone on the planet wants healthy and flawless skin, but skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation, aging, sun damage, and others stop you from attaining the same. You can care for your skin and prevent some damages by following a healthy lifestyle, but what about the signs of aging? That’s when you need professional help. 

Today, many dental clinics provide services and procedures related to skincare. You can walk into our clinic, get in touch with our expert and then decide on the suitable treatment to maintain the radiance and flawlessness of your skin. 

Viora Intense Plus Light 

Viora IPL or Intense Plus Light technology makes use of a handheld device to deliver a PCR treatment for your skin. It applies light to the targeted areas of your skin. This technology incorporates a cooling system to make sure that you experience everything comfortably. 

This procedure can address different skin concerns ranging from hair removal and acne clearance to hyperpigmentation, skin rejuvenation, skin lightening, skin resurfacing, skin tightening, vascular lesions, and others. You need to take 4-6 sessions of this session to achieve desired results. 

Skin Tightening 

The non-invasive technology provides remarkable skin tightening treatment results where our dentist carries out the safe, effective, and painless procedure without keeping you waiting for downtime. Not only do you end up feeling tightness in your skin, but you also experience scar and stretch mark reduction. Such a treatment promotes the production of collagen, thereby restoring the elasticity of your skin. 


This non-invasive device combines vacuum and radiofrequency energy to contour the body and reduce cellulite. You can opt for this procedure to slim down the areas such as your stomach, buttocks, and thighs. The radiofrequency energy works by reducing fat-cell volume and increasing metabolism. On the other hand, a vacuum increases the circulation of blood and lymphatic drainage. 

Refit and Relift

Both these procedures combine V-form contouring and skin tightening to give your face the desired shape and contouring. This treatment is effective and non-invasive and shows the best results on the areas such as your turkey neck, lower face, and jowel. 


Botox is a sought-after procedure to treat the signs of aging and makes your skin look youthful. Whether it is forehead lines, laugh lines, wrinkles, or creases, this procedure addresses all the problems and treats them effectively. It is injected into your skin using tiny injections and works by blocking the nerve impulse that causes your facial muscles to create such lines and wrinkles. You need 2-3 sessions of Botox to achieve the best results.

ISDIN Skin Care Products 

These products are specifically designed to hydrate your skin, provide elasticity, and save it from excessive sun damage. 

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