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Other Dental Services

When you visit our dental clinic to have your dental issue treated, our dentist will diagnose your problem and recommend the most appropriate treatment for it. Different types of procedures are carried out for patients with varying concerns, and all of them work with a common objective of helping you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. 

Sedation Dentistry 

This type of procedure uses medication to help our patients relax during their dental procedures. Also referred to as sleep dentistry, this service ensures that you feel more relaxed and less fearful of the dental procedure that our dentist will carry out on you. Different types of sedation dentistry methods are used at our clinic for the patients at large.

Sedation dentistry involves administering a prescription pill, after which you feel much relaxed for your procedure. You remain sedated but conscious. Another sedition dentistry method available at our clinic is IV Sedation which is only for severely phobic patients. IV Sedation is monitored by an anesthesia specialist while our dentist provides you with suitable dental care. We also offer nitrous oxide sedation, reserved for those who require mild sedation. 

Gentle Dentistry 

Our dentist will work with you to improve your overall dental health while calming your fears and anxieties at the same time. They will use all the methods involving new techniques and technologies to eliminate your discomfort and pain during the procedure. Sometimes, more friendly methods are also used to keep you relaxed during the procedure. Visit our dental clinic and find out more about the gentle dentistry measures that our dentist takes to comfort you during your treatment. 


Toothache is one of the most common dental concerns, and hundreds of people fall prey to it. The pain in your teeth can be mild, sharp, or excruciating. The treatment of such pain includes changing your oral health routine. Sometimes, our dentist may also add more intensive dental care procedures to your treatment plan. 

Whether you are suffering from mild or severe toothache, it must not be taken lightly. Our dental clinic is equipped to provide all levels of dental care to address your concern. If your toothache is sudden or extremely severe, our emergency dentist will look into your problem and recommend the proper treatment to relieve you of excruciating pain. 

Our expansive list of treatments of toothaches includes procedures such as dental crowns, dental fillings, root canal therapy, etc. Our dentist will also recommend antibiotics if needed.

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