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Laser Dentistry in Colorado Springs, CO

'Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation' or LASER is being used by dentists to perform various procedures. In comparison to other conventional treatments, laser dentistry provides a more comfortable experience for a variety of treatments involving soft or hard tissue. Dental lasers create light energy in a focused and narrow beam that produces a reaction when it hits a tissue. This reaction is used to reshape the tissue or remove it.

What Types of Lasers are Used in Dentistry?

Soft tissue lasers: These lasers are ideal for treating dental problems related to soft tissues like gums. Soft tissue lasers use a smaller wavelength of light that hemoglobin and water can easily absorb, which makes these lasers perfect for gum work.

Hard tissue lasers:These lasers are used primarily for your teeth. Their wavelengths are absorbed by water and the minerals found in teeth. Hard tissue lasers are used to prepare or shape teeth for several dental procedures.

What Treatments Does Laser Dentistry Offer?

Laser Dentistry offers the most convenient and comfortable treatments. You will be given anesthesia to make your experience better. The procedures are quick and entirely pain-free. Some of the common procedures include:

  • Cavity detection: Lasers can detect cavities by finding early evidence, thus preventing them.
  • Treating tooth sensitivity: Dental lasers treat tooth sensitivity by sealing the exposed tubules on the tooth's roots.
  • Removal of soft tissue folds: Lasers remove the soft tissue folds caused by poorly fitting dentures without pain or sutures.
  • Correcting a "gummy smile": Sometimes, our gums cover much of the length of our teeth. Dental lasers are used to reshape the gum tissues for an improved appearance by shaping the gumline.
  • Teeth whitening: Lasers are used in teeth whitening sessions to speed up the bleaching process.
  • Treating sleep apnea: When sleep apnea is caused by tissue overgrowth in the throat, lasers can be used to reshape the throat and relieve the associated breathing problems.
  • Preparing a tooth for dental fillings: Lasers are used to kill the bacteria in the tooth cavity to aid the long-term health of your teeth.

What Distinguishes Laser Dentistry from Other Methods?

  • Unlike the conventional methods, there are fewer sutures and cutting involved in the procedures.
  • Pain or bleeding is minimal.
  • Sedation and anesthesia are not mandatory in all procedures.
  • Lasers do not damage the surrounding tissues.
  • Lasers eliminate the chances of bacterial infections as they sterilize the area.
  • The healing period after laser treatments is shorter in comparison to the conventional methods.

If you are anxious or afraid of getting dental work done, laser dentistry is the fitting option for you.

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