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The demand for facial aesthetics services has increased significantly. The ability to provide dramatic benefits without surgery has been a perfect match for this segment of the population. The resulting rise in the number of medspa and medical esthetic practices has made these lunchtime procedures more accessible, and has aided in their increasing popularity. The ideal result of a medical aesthetics procedure is to keep your friends and coworkers wondering what looks different about you, why do you look refreshed and more youthful without a change so dramatic to make people wonder if you have gone under the knife. Most importantly, these medical aesthetics procedures can be made without anesthesia, downtime, or significant discomfort.

A facial esthetics provider can provide you solutions to even the most advanced aesthetics enhancements. Wrinkles can be reduced with ease, and living with spider veins or birthmarks can be a thing of the past. How about tightening your skin or eliminating acne without medication? All of this is possible and is provided by the thousands of facial aesthetic practices around the country.

The most popular cosmetic medical procedure is Botox®. Botox® is injected into the facial muscles but really doesn’t affect the muscle at all. Botulinum toxin affects and blocks the transmitters between the motor nerves that innervate the muscle. There is no loss of sensory feeling in the muscles. Once the motor nerve endings are interrupted, the muscle cannot contract. Botox® is a muscle relaxer. When that muscle does not contract, the dynamic motion that causes wrinkles in the skin will stop. The skin then starts to smooth out, and in approximately three to ten days after treatment, the skin above those muscles becomes nice and smooth. The effects of Botox® last for approximately three to four months, at which time the patient needs re-treatment.

As with anything, it is important to know that your aesthetician has proper medical aesthetics training  and facial aesthetics training from a qualified Botox® training course or dermal filler training course and the experience to help you to realize all of the potential benefits of cosmetic enhancements such as Botox®. Ask all the right questions to make certain that your provider is qualified with proper medical esthetics training and then get ready for the new you.


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