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Facial aesthetics in dentistry is a new aspect, and there are many benefits of the same. Different procedures are used to enhance your cheeks, lips, chin structure, and position of your jaw that together support and improve your smile. Various procedures are used under this line of treatment, most commonly injectables, that are designed to improve your facial appearance. 

Why Opt for Facial Aesthetics Procedures? 

Everybody looks forward to looking their best. But over time, your face and skin start showing signs of aging and other problems. The various procedures under facial aesthetics are used to improve your facial appearance and smile beyond your teeth. You not only end up getting the perfect smile but a perfect face as well. 

Upon a visit to our dental clinic, our dentist will examine your face and recommend a suitable procedure for you. These procedures help with skin tightening, lip enhancement, voluminous cheeks, improved jawline, etc., thereby making you look young and radiant in the coming years. 

What are Different Facial Aesthetics Procedures? 


Botox or Botulinum Toxin A is used to improve your skin by treating wrinkles and folds. It is injected to release the tension on your folds and wrinkles, thereby providing a buffer to the neurotransmitters within your injected muscles. The full effects of this procedure may take 2-14 days, and it lasts for six months, making your skin look tightened and youthful. 


Restylane is a brand name for the hyaluronic acid-based fillers for the face. Just like Botox, these fillers, too, are used to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth and face. Our dentist may use different kinds of Restylane fillers after diagnosing your skin. Most commonly, these fillers are used for lip enhancement, adding volume to the cheeks, treating the fine lines around your mouth, and minimizing under-eye circles. Almost anyone can opt for this procedure and expect incredible results. 


Our dentist uses a variety of skin care procedures to improve the overall appearance of your skin. As your skin happens to be the largest organ of your body, it must be maintained properly. When you visit our clinic, our expert will suggest skincare treatments for acne, skin lightening, hair removal, hyperpigmentation, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, scar reduction, stretch marks reduction, contouring, and cellulite reduction, etc. They may also design a customized procedure to refit and re-lift your skin, especially the areas such as your lower face and turkey neck.

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