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Picture of man in painIf you have a dental emergency, Dr. Rota will see you the same day during office hours. If you are in pain it is a symptom of a greater problem. We'll perform a quick procedure to your pain, complete any needed treatment to stabilize your tooth, and explain your treatment options. You may need to schedule an appointment for additional treatment to prevent the issue from recurring.


A dental emergency is a problem with your tooth or oral tissue that needs immediate attention. Not all dental emergencies are painful. Common dental emergencies include:

  • Toothache - If you have lingering pain or sensitivity in your tooth, Dr. Rota needs to examine it. It's likely that the symptoms will increase without treatment.
  • Broken or cracked tooth -A break or crack can spread. If the break damaged the inside of your tooth,
  • Trauma - Although you may not see or feel any damage to your teeth, trauma can affect the inside of a tooth. Dr. Rota will examine your tooth to determine if an impact to your face or mouth damaged your teeth.
  • Broken or lost crown or filling - Dental crowns and filling protect teeth. Without protection, your tooth will weaken. Dr. Rota will examine your tooth and place a temporary crown or filling and explain your options for a permanent restoration.


A lingering toothache is the most common dental emergency. If you have a toothache, it’s usually a symptom of infected tooth pulp, or the living tissue, blood vessels, and nerves inside your tooth. An infection will continue to spread until it’s treated. A root canal treatment removes the infection. During root canal treatment, Dr. Rota will do the following:

  • Make a small opening in the biting surface of your tooth
  • Use dental instruments to remove the infected tooth pulp deep into the root canals
  • Clean and disinfect the tooth
  • Shape the canals in your tooth
  • Fill the tooth with a rubbery dental filler material
  • Seal the tooth
  • Protect the tooth with a temporary filling
  • Place a dental crown for long-term protection

And there is no need to be overly anxious about the root canal treatment. Dr. Rota makes it painless. At Rota Dental, we don't want you to allow fear to get in the way of being seen by a dentist. If you are fearful of seeing a dentist, we can make your visit easier with sedation dentistry. We can treat you with nitrous oxide, as well as painless injections. Contact us now if you have a dental emergency!


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