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Our cosmetic dentist office in Colorado Springs provides cost information on dental implants to help you plan for payment.

To understand dental implant fees, you need to know that there are distinct parts of the treatment.

  • Surgical – The root form is implanted in the jawbone. This will have a separate fee and will be a separate appointment.
  • Healing – Time is required for the root form to integrate with the jawbone. This healing period is called osseointegration. We strongly advise against trying to short-cut this step, as it increases the risk of dental implant failure.
  • Restorative – After the osseointegration is complete, we will place your final crowns or dentures. There will be a separate fee for this procedure. If we are replacing a single missing tooth, this will be a single crown. If we are replacing all your teeth, this service will range from a full-mouth crown and bridge, which is the most expensive option, to an implant-supported denture, which is the least expensive.

Mini dental implants will cost a fraction of what standard implants cost. They may be 1/4 the cost. But then, more of them will be required to support a denture.

There are so many variables, but hopefully, these numbers will give you some general idea of what dental implants cost. If you would like to know more specifically, we’d be happy to see you for a brief complimentary consultation. Dr. Rota can take a quick look and we can give you a rough idea of what your case would cost. Contact our cosmetic dentist office today to schedule this consultation.


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