Colorado Lumineers

There are many brands of porcelain veneers. Lumineers®  is one of those brands. They are made by DenMat, and DenMat has marketed this brand quite effectively. While they have done an excellent job of raising public awareness of what can be done for your smile, there are some misconceptions that have been created.

Misunderstandings about Lumineers

At Rota Advanced Dental Care, we use a number of different brands of porcelain, and our choice for you will be based on several factors. One type of porcelain veneer that many people like is made with the CEREC® process. It is popular is because there is no waiting time.

With Lumineers or other types of veneers, there is a period of approximately two weeks or more between the time the impressions of your teeth are taken and when the veneers are actually bonded onto your teeth. During the waiting period, a dental laboratory technician creates your new smile using the model that is made from the impression.

The CEREC process is completely computerized, so your smile can be created in our office while you wait. Many people like the idea of having an “instant” new smile.

Pros and Cons of Lumineers

Their primary advantage is that they are very strong (though there are other brands that are just as strong).

Their primary disadvantage is that, because Lumineers are protected by trademark, they have to be made in the DenMat laboratory. Many outstanding cosmetic dentists don’t believe that the smiles created at this large, impersonal laboratory are very artistic. And these same dentists believe that the laboratory for Lumineers isn’t as good as other laboratories at customizing your new smile to your personality and preferences.

Before Lumineers

After Lumineers

Lumineers smiles are often criticized by cosmetic dentists as tending to make the teeth look too bulky, too opaque, and too long. The above before-and-after pictures show a sample case from another dentist. While the teeth in the after picture look nice, they are a little bulky and pasty looking. We think you should expect more, and you deserve more—a smile makeover uniquely made for you.


  As a comparison, look at these before-and-after pictures of a patient treated by Dr. Rota.
You can see that by using his own choice of a master ceramist and avoiding the large, impersonal Lumineers lab, Dr. Rota was able to create a much more natural, pleasing look.


Dr. Rota’s unique smile designs have won eight medals in International Smile Gallery Competition, held by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Results that are consistently beautiful are usually created by an artistic dentist and a gifted master ceramist who works with him or her to create a unique result, tailored to the personality and facial characteristics of each patient—not with a large, impersonal dental laboratory.

Questions about Lumineers?

If you have questions about Lumineers, contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation. We will give you a tour of our facility and take five or ten minutes to answer your questions, based on what you want from a smile makeover.