Should I see an emergency dentist or is this kind of tooth pain normal? My cheek is so swollen I cannot even smile. It’s on the side of my face that I have a broken tooth. My face is so sore that the pain goes all the way up to my eye socket. The tooth had a bad cavity in it and while I was eating dinner on Saturday, I felt a lot of pain in the tooth. I kept eating and eventually part of the tooth broke. Is it normal to have this kind of pain for a broken tooth? I’m also wondering if it will go away. It’s a back lower tooth so I really wasn’t planning on replacing it or anything because no one can see it. Thanks. Sawyer


The pain won’t go away, and your tooth needs to be restored to avoid further damage to it. If you have a broken tooth and swelling, you should see your dentist or an emergency dentist right away. The dentist will relieve the pain and examine the tooth.

It may be that you had an infection in the tooth. Even though the tooth is broken, the infection will still need to be removed. You will also need antibiotics to ensure the infection is completely out of your system.

If you don’t already have a dentist, do an online search for a dentist in your area who will be able to give you a same-day appointment for an emergency.

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