I have a top left molar that just broke this morning. Please don’t recommend an emergency dentist because I don’t have the time or money to get to a dentist right now. The left corner broke, but I have the piece of tooth. It’s a good size chunk. Probably in the next 2 or 3 weeks, I can afford it, and my work schedule will clear up. What are the pros and cons of gluing the piece back on myself? Thanks. Kincade

Kincade – We can’t honor your request. You need to see an emergency dentist. There are no pros of gluing the broken piece of the tooth back on. We’ll quickly give you three reasons to put away the glue and see a dentist.

1. Glue Doesn’t Belong in Your Mouth

Glue is not recommended for use in your mouth. It can be toxic. You can irritate the tooth and your oral tissues—creating more problems than you’ll solve if you try to glue the tooth back together. Besides, your saliva will prevent a DIY fix from staying in place. You can damage your tooth even further.

2. It Can Get Worse

A break in your tooth can get worse if it isn’t properly restored. The tooth can weaken and become infected. You can end up losing the tooth altogether. It’s possible that there is already internal damage to your tooth.

3. It’s More Expensive to Wait

If you’ve lost a chunk of your tooth, there is no way you can continue to avoid seeing a dentist. Eventually, the broken tooth will become so painful or infected that you’ll be forced to seek dental care. As the condition of the tooth worsens, it will become more costly and more time-consuming to treat. If you wait too long and the tooth needs to be extracted, there will be additional costs to replace it.

You can find a dentist who offers payment plans or makes other arrangements for payment. See an emergency dentist right away.

This post is sponsored by Colorado Springs dentist Dr. Joseph Rota.