Are you one of the millions of people who have put off going to the dentist because of the anxieties and fears associated with some types of dental care? Has it been five, ten, fifteen, even twenty years since you last had any dental treatment? Would you appreciate being completely relaxed, having all your dental needs taken care of in perhaps one appointment and afterwards remembering very little about your visit?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Colorado Springs sedation dentist Dr. Rota can help.

Dr. Rota’s wife, Bibby Rota (pictured right), describes her experience:

“Being married to the doctor has its privileges, but it sure took some convincing to get me into the dental chair. I knew my teeth were worn and discolored, but I absolutely feared dentistry. I don’t remember much about the appointment other than being seated in a warm, relaxing lounger and being given a gentle sedation. When I awoke, I immediately went to the mirror and saw a bright, beautiful smile looking back at me. I couldn’t believe it was my smile! I love my more youthful look. As a women’s clothing consultant, it’s important for me to present a good image, and I’m so glad I had this work done painlessly.”

Sleep Sedation Dentist

If counseling and explanation do not help conquer your fear, we can provide sleep sedation. Sleep sedation has been very successful in treating those who are dental phobic, and allows us to complete more dental work in one visit than would be possible under normal circumstances. A prescription sleeping pill is administered, and in a matter of 15-20 minutes, you are very relaxed.

You are sedated but you are conscious. You breathe, swallow, and you are in control. However, all of your anxieties about dental care are removed. As a matter of fact, most people remember very little about their visit except that all their dental work was completed while they were sedated. Patients undergoing sleep sedation require someone to assist them home at the end of their appointment.

IV Sedation Dentist

This treatment is only for the extremely phobic patient. An anesthesia specialist is brought to our office to deliver and monitor IV sedation while the doctor focuses on providing your dental care. Due to the expense of an anesthesia specialist, most patients prefer conscious sleep sedation which is provided at no additional cost.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

For those who want an easy sedation with no after effects, nitrous oxide is the drug of choice. Nitrous and oxygen are breathed through a mask during dental treatment. This raises your pain threshold and reduces your apprehension, which strengthens the novocain. Following treatment, oxygen alone is administered for 5 minutes and you return to normal. Nitrous oxide is a safe and reliable sedation. There is a nominal fee for nitrous oxide sedation.