Dental lasers are an effective new technology that allows us to work faster and exercise more precise control over procedures. The result is a quicker recovery with less discomfort and pain.

Soft Tissue Lasers

Soft tissue lasers are particularly useful to reshape healthy gum tissues or remove diseased gums, decontaminate gum pockets that are infected with periodontal disease, and treat some sores in the mouth. The soft tissue laser is instrumental to providing a balanced gumline and enhancing a beautiful smile.

The Many Benefits of Using Lasers

  • They are much quieter than a dental drill, with no whining or vibration.
  • They are very precise, so there is minimal impact on oral tissues.
  • They are gentle and generally painless, so they require little or no anesthesia
  • They can minimize bleeding and swelling, and speed the healing of gum tissue.
  • They reduce the risk of infection by decontaminating the affected areas.

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