When Dr. Rota was a ski instructor at Copper Mountain, Chris worked with him. Chris really liked the work that was done by Dr. Rota for a friend and asked if Dr. Rota could close the large spaces between his teeth and still have his smile look natural.

colorado-springs-teeth-contouring-cs-before Full-face after photo of patient (Chr) for the smile gallery of Colorado Springs dentist Dr. Joseph Rota.
colorado-springs-teeth-contouring-cs-before-closeup colorado-springs-teeth-contouring-cs-after1-closeup


Chris had a large mouth for the size of his teeth and it was a major challenge to close the spaces and not make the teeth look too large. A lot of attention was given to contouring the angles of the teeth to make the teeth appear smaller. Color was also used to create the illusion of smaller teeth by shading the sides of the teeth darker and giving them a very natural look. Dr. Rota’s staff think Chris is the man!