I saw 3 different dentists about getting my teeth straightened and whitened. After that I will get crowns on 3 teeth that are really shaped bad. 2 of the dentists I saw are DDS dentist and the other is a DMD. I was pretty much happy with the information I got from all 3 dentist so I am wondering if I should go with the DMD or a DDS dentist. Can the degree tell me which is the best dentist for the work that I need done on my teeth? I am not sure that I even realize what the difference is between the two types of dentists. Thanks for your help. Micah.

Micah – You did well to seek several opinions for your smile makeover. A DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) and DMD (Doctor of Medical Dentistry) are both general dentists who have graduated from an accredited dental school.

The requirements for a DDS and a DMD are the same. Both have completed undergraduate training as well as dental school to earn their degree. State licensing boards view a DDS and a DMD degree equally. The degree itself doesn’t make one dentist more qualified over the other for cosmetic dentistry.

In order to find the best dentist for your case, look for training or credentials that each dentist has in aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry. Post-graduate training in cosmetic dentistry along with artistic talent helps a dentist produce beautiful results. The dentist will also be very selective as to which laboratory he or she uses to craft porcelain into teeth that have beautiful form and color.

Ask to see pictures of smile makeovers from each dentist, carefully examine them, and compare the results. Don’t make a decision until you are confident that the dentist you choose can produce beautiful results.

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