My veneers are only 9 years old and I hope they are not shot. 5 years after I got them I moved to Seattle. Since I’ve been here 3 of the veneers loosened 3 different times. They have been bonded back on but I am noticing that they look like they have a dark gray background. I am wondering how much rebonding can be done before I need new veneers. I am praying that I can avoid this. What’s the best thing my dentist to correct the darkening under my veneers and keep me from needing new veneers? Thanks. Bea

Bea – If your veneers have been re-bonded three times and are appearing dark in the background, they will need to be replaced.

The dark background indicates that stain is leaking behind the veneers. This also leaves your teeth susceptible to decay.

Properly re-bonding veneers requires the dentist to have the proper tools and skills, which many dentists don’t have. The veneers cannot simply be bonded back on. The old bonding material has to be removed with a sand-blasting tool. The porcelain needs to be etched with hydrofluoric acid, primed, and bonded onto your tooth again. When this process is followed, a re-bonded veneer is stable and is unlikely to leak for many years.

Now that your veneers need to be replaced, we highly recommend that you take the time to find an experienced, artistic cosmetic dentist to provide you with beautiful, correctly-bonded veneers.

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