I have been seeing a TMJ specialist for 3 months. I have gotten some relief but I expected more relief by now. The TMJ is mostly due to the fact that I grind my teeth so I have a custom mouthguard. I have just about chewed through the mouth guard. I want to try Botox but the specialist said that she wanst to explore other options. Isn’t this my choice? I am the one who is in pain. Sierra

Sierra – This is a discussion that you should continue with your TMJ dentist. Although some TMJ practitioners use Botox to treat dental and facial pain, and to alleviate pain for the disorder, others question whether or not it is beneficial to inject Botox into the chewing muscles.

Find out if your TMJ dentist uses Botox at all. If she does use it, ask questions to find out why she prefers not to use at this time. Additionally, you are free to get a second opinion on your TMD and recommended treatment options.

If you choose to seek a provider who administers Botox injections for TMJ, be certain to verify his or her training and experience in administering the treatment.

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