I saw an emergency dentist yesterday for a new crown I got in September 2017. In February of this year, a piece of the crown broke off. I was surprised that a new crown would break so quickly but it wasn’t comfortable in the first place. The dentist I had at the time adjusted the crown before it chipped and adjusted it again afterward. 4 days ago the crown broke completely. I called an emergency dentist yesterday because I have no plans to go back to the dentist who did the crown. The emergency dentist looked at the crown but said he couldn’t repair it and that he doesn’t fix crowns done by other dentists. He said I need a new crown altogether. That crown cost me over $500 out of pocket because my insurance doesn’t cover much at all. I don’t have another $500 for a new crown. I’m frustrated about this because I don’t understand why the crown cannot be fixed and put back over my tooth. Should find a third dentist to get this done right? Taylor

Taylor – Your frustration is understandable. If the crown completely broke, it’s likely that the emergency dentist cannot save it. An attempt to repair it might be just a temporary fix or cause the crown to break even more.

Which tooth is affected by the crown? If it’s a tooth that is used for biting or chewing, a weak crown won’t withstand the force or pressure from eating. The emergency dentist you saw likely made the right decision. If you can’t afford a new crown, even though you don’t want to return to the original dentist who placed it, perhaps you can save money that way. Explain to the dentist that the crown broke completely. He might be willing to replace it or contribute to the cost of your getting a new one from another dentist. A crown should last at least five years.

If You Switch to New Emergency Dentist

If you decide to switch to a new emergency dentist, you will likely incur all of the costs related to getting a new crown. That includes examinations, x-rays, taking impressions of your tooth, lab fees, and any other fees associated with it. It’s a good idea to ask the emergency dentist about the cost of getting a new crown. Weigh your options carefully before deciding whether or not you want to switch dentists.

Check the experience and credentials of the emergency dentist. Ensure he has post-graduate training in cosmetic dentistry and regularly participates in continuing education. A cosmetic dentist will ensure your crown looks natural, is durable, and fits well.

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