I really need to find the best dentist for my anxiety because I have already been through 3 dentists who were no help at all. Talking quietly and playing music or turning on HGTV while I’m in the dental chair is not doing it for me. I literally shake and sweat as soon as I walk in the office. I’m not finding a patient dentist who really knows what to do. I’m sure I can’t be the only nervous person they’ve seen before. How do I know what a dentist is like without making an appointment for an exam? My insurance company isn’t going to pay for a bunch of trial dentists who really can’t handle the level of my fear. Thanks. Fletcher

Fletcher – Develop a simple process to help you find the best dentist for your anxiety. There are terms that dentists and patients use that can help you, too.

First ask for recommendations from friends, neighbors, co-workers, or family members. Many people have dental anxiety, so someone you know might be able to refer you to a good dentist.

How to Search Online for the Best Dentist for Your Anxiety

Next, include specific words when you search online to find the best dentist for your anxiety. Some of the phrases you should enter in the search bar are included below:

  • Sedation dentist
  • Cater to cowards dentist
  • Gentle dentist

Dentists who advertise with these phrases want anxious patients to find them. They enjoy seeing anxious patients because they have learned the techniques to address your anxiety and help you get the dental care you need.

Sedation dentistry provides you with mild anti-anxiety medication to take before your dental appointment. It will relax you and help you have a good visit. You probably won’t remember the appointment. Sedation dentists offer different levels of sedation. The lowest level is nitrous oxide, but a trained dentist will determine the right level for your needs.

Schedule two or three consultations with dentists who you think might match your needs. Consultations allow you to speak with the dentist, discuss your anxiety, and learn what the dentist will do to help alleviate it. The information you gather can help you choose a provider.

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