Last August I had dental implant surgery. A periodontist placed the implant and I went back to my regular dentist for a temporary crown. The temporary crown was placed with a lot of force and it hurt the whole time I had it.

My dentist kept saying everything was okay. He couldn’t see anything wrong. Every time he touched the temporary crown I felt even more pain. I switched to a new dentist to get the permanent crown because I had no confidence in my prior dentist. My new dentist has found that the implant is loose. I know it’s because of all of the trouble with the temporary crown. I just need an outside opinion as to whether or not this can be fixed without taking the implant out and doing it all over again. Meyer

Meyer – Your loose dental implant needs to be examined first. But it might require removing it, allowing time for the implant site to heal, and replacing it with a new implant.

Why Dental Implants Might Loosen

There are several reasons a dental implant might be loose.

The crown – The dental crown—not the implant itself—might be loose. If the crown isn’t correctly placed, it can put pressure on the implant and cause it to loosen.

Poor placement – If the implant is incorrectly placed, it can dislodge.

Lack of bone density – Jawbone supports implants. If you lack bone density, the implants fixtures won’t fused to the jawbone. They can easily loosen.

Cheap fixtures – High-quality fixtures must be used for dental implants to last. Cheap fixtures can loosen and result in implant failure.

Be certain to select a dentist who is very experienced with dental implants, or who works with a skilled oral surgeon. Schedule at least two appointments for a second opinion.

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