Last year I was in an accident that broke three of my teeth and one of the teeth had to be replaced with a dental implant. I received all porcelain crowns on all three teeth. All three of the teeth are on the front left side of my mouth. What I cannot believe is not only do the crowns not match my own teeth but the shade of each of the crowns doesn’t match each other. I talked to my dentist about it from the beginning and he said yes it’s a little off but it really looks fine. He cemented 2 of the crowns on anyway in a tricky way that didn’t let me know that he was making them permanent and he also put the 3rd crown on the dental implant. He said people can’t tell unless they are staring at my teeth. When I look at my smile in the mirror it stands out easily do me. Can he do anything to get this right or have I been ripped off? By the way, the other thing that I don’t get is all the talk from my dentist about matching my teeth and sending everything off to a lab to get a beautiful match. One of the crowns on my natural tooth hurts really bad and now my dentist said I might lose that tooth and need a dental implant and new crown. How did this happen? Lamech

Lamech – We know that the mishap with your porcelain crowns is a huge disappointment for you. And now the thought of losing another tooth and needing another dental implant adds to the stress. Crowns are colorfast. After a crown is cemented, making the correction likely requires grinding it off and making a new crown. That would be the case for each of the crowns.

It is bothersome that the crowns were cemented on without your approval. Your dentist’s actions indicate that he is not comfortable with cosmetic dentistry and lacks the artistic inclination required to give you a natural-looking restoration.

Request a Dental Implants Second Opinion

If you are thinking about having the work done correctly, find a credentialed cosmetic dentist for a second opinion on your dental implants and crowns. He or she will provide you with information on whether or not you need another dental implant. The dentist will also ensure your new match your natural teeth.

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