Hi. It might seem kind of crazy that I think I have a root canal emergency and I’m trying to get help by writing to you. I guess I’m doing it because I don’t trust my dentist and I’m afraid of going back there get it fixed. I need some help within the next 1 or 2 days. I’m in a lot of pain. If I chew on the tooth that had the treatment, the pain is so bad that I’m almost on my knees. So I’m really being careful.

I had the root canal on one of my molars about 4 months ago and I really think it’s infected again. Is it unfair to switch to another dentist that can get it right this time? – Alec


Your tooth will need to be examined, but it does sound as if it is re-infected. You do have a dental emergency, and it’s important to see a dentist to first relieve you of the pain and then to re-do the root canal treatment.

It sounds as if the sealer material for the first treatment didn’t completely fill your tooth or perhaps the infected pulp wasn’t completely cleaned out. It doesn’t mean that your dentist is not able to correct the situation. If you’re no longer comfortable with your dentist, you can get a second opinion.

At any rate, it’s important to get help to prevent the infection from spreading further. And it will continue to spread until it’s treated. You can do an online search for an emergency dentist and check his or website to see if root canal treatments are done in the office. Otherwise, you can see an endodontist—a root canal specialist—for treatment.

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