Can I get an emergency dentist to sedate me? I am afraid that if I go in for an emergency they will yank my tooth out without sedation. Should I take a little something on my own before I go? This tooth has been aching for weeks and I can’t take it anymore. I’m supposed to go out of town on the 17th and I need to get it taken care of before I get on a plane and the cabin pressure makes me want to jump out the window. I would never do that but I’m just saying. How can I get a guarantee on sedation to get this tooth out? Thanks. Kalvin

Kalvin – Make a few phone calls to emergency dentists and ask if they provide sedation. Also ask about the requirements for providing it. No dentist is going to sedate you without first checking your medical and prescription history. So have that information ready when you arrive.

Considerations for Your Emergency Dental Appointment

  • Without an examination during your emergency dental appointment, you can’t be certain that the tooth will be extracted.
  • Whenever possible, saving the tooth and performing root canal treatment will be a dentist’s priority.
  • A missing tooth results in jawbone shrinkage. Teeth above or beside it will shift with time, change your bite, and change your smile. It’s best to preserve a tooth and protect it with a dental crown.
  • Beware of a dentist who simply wants to sedate you and yank out a tooth.

Search online for emergency dentists in your area who provide sedation. Call the office to find out what’s required to determine if you’re a candidate for sedation. Also ask about the levels of sedation the dentist provides. Some dentists only provide nitrous oxide, while others also offer anti-anxiety medication.

Don’t insist on having your tooth extracted. Let the dentist relieve your pain first. After an examination, listen closely as he or she explains your options. Unless the dentist explains otherwise, it’s usually in your best interests to preserve your natural teeth. Missing teeth detract from your smile and can jeopardize your oral health.

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