1. What’s the best dentist to get these stains out of my teeth?

    I’ve seen 3 different dentists for stains in my teeth. The stains are from strong antibiotics that I was given while I was in the hospital 2 years ago. The treating doctor told me to expect the stains but I had no idea they would be this bad or that they would last this long. The good news is that although the infection I had wasn’t clearly identified, it seems to be under control. Now I have …Read More

  2. Best dentist to improve my smile without braces

    What’s the best kind of dentist to improve the look of my smile without braces? I travel extensively for business, so I don’t have the time to commit to years of treatment and the progress-check appointments that go along with it. I have three upper teeth that slightly overlap the tooth next to them. A few of my bottom teeth are slightly skewed also. What type of dentist would know how to acco…Read More

  3. I used to think my dentist was the best

    I used to think I had the best dentist. But since I received my dentures in March, I’ve cried almost every day. I am 66 year old. I feel good. I look good for my age, but I just needed dentures. Genetically, I have bad teeth even though I have taken pretty good care of them. I received my dentures in March of this year. After many conversations with my dentist, we arrived at a mutual agreement a…Read More

  4. Welcome to Dr. Rota’s Blog

    Welcome to the blog for Dr. Rota. On this site, you will find answers to questions and general useful information about dentistry, as well as information about the services offered by Dr. Rota. Dr. Joseph Rota is a dentist in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He has special expertise in cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, and TMJ treatment. He has a wide-ranging reputation for the beauty of his denti…Read More

  5. Should I find a second emergency dentist to fix my crown?

    I saw an emergency dentist yesterday for a new crown I got in September 2017. In February of this year, a piece of the crown broke off. I was surprised that a new crown would break so quickly but it wasn’t comfortable in the first place. The dentist I had at the time adjusted the crown before it chipped and adjusted it again afterward. 4 days ago the crown broke completely. I called an emergency…Read More

  6. New dentist says I don’t have TMJ, just a cavity beneath my crown

    When I lived in Arizona, I was seeing a dentist for some TMJ issues. I received a nightguard which I have faithfully worn each night for the past 5 months. I’m still having some pain and headaches. My new dentist here says that there is a cavity beneath 1 of the 2 porcelain crowns on my lower right back teeth. I received the crowns in the summer of 2017. He says I don’t have a TMJ issue. Is it…Read More

  7. Do I really need another dental implant and new crowns?

    Last year I was in an accident that broke three of my teeth and one of the teeth had to be replaced with a dental implant. I received all porcelain crowns on all three teeth. All three of the teeth are on the front left side of my mouth. What I cannot believe is not only do the crowns not match my own teeth but the shade of each of the crowns doesn’t match each other. I talked to my dentist abou…Read More

  8. Do I need another emergency root canal on the same tooth?

    Hi. It might seem kind of crazy that I think I have a root canal emergency and I’m trying to get help by writing to you. I guess I’m doing it because I don’t trust my dentist and I’m afraid of going back there get it fixed. I need some help within the next 1 or 2 days. I’m in a lot of pain. If I chew on the tooth that had the treatment, the pain is so bad that I’m almost on my knees. S…Read More

  9. 3 Reasons to Put Away the Glue and See an Emergency Dentist

    I have a top left molar that just broke this morning. Please don’t recommend an emergency dentist because I don’t have the time or money to get to a dentist right now. The left corner broke, but I have the piece of tooth. It’s a good size chunk. Probably in the next 2 or 3 weeks, I can afford it, and my work schedule will clear up. What are the pros and cons of gluing the piece back on mysel…Read More

  10. Could my new dental implant be loose from teeth grinding?

    In December I received 3 new dental implants. One of them is noticeably loose. My dentist told me to wear a night guard because I grind my teeth. I don’t wear it because I hate the thing. It’s so hard to get used to it and it’s very difficult to sleep with it. Could my not wearing the night guard have something to do with why the implant is loose? Is this going to happen with the other 2 imp…Read More