Best Dentist in Colorado Springs

What is a Best Dentist?

There is no objective committee or association that declares someone a best dentist, so in reality there is no way any dentist can claim such a distinction. So why do some people consider Dr. Rota Colorado Springs’ best dentist?  Eight times Dr. Rota has won medals at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry smile gallery competition. That is more than all the other dentists in Colorado combined.

In this competition, a well respected panel of international cosmetic dentists judge photographs demonstrating the artistic quality of cosmetic dentistry work submitted by the contestants. Dr. Rota entered this competition for the first time in 2007 and walked away with a total of eight medals for the smiles he created for his patients.

You are welcome to read about his gold medal, as well as an article in the Colorado Springs Business Journal featuring Dr. Rota.

Top dentist logo for Colorado Springs dentist Dr. Joseph RotaThis, however, isn’t the only award Dr. Rota has won. Based on his credentials, reputation, and continuing education credits, Dr. Rota received an award naming him one of the top three dentists in Colorado.