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Colorado Springs White Fillings

White fillings from Colorado Springs dentist Dr. Rota strengthen your teeth, look nicer, and contain no mercury.

Traditionally, dentists have used silver amalgam to restore damaged or decayed portions of your teeth. We know that amalgam fillings can be unsightly, and in the long run, because of the damage they can cause, they can be expensive.

Amalgam fillings can expand with age or undergo metal fatigue and break down, losing their seal and allowing decay to seep in around the filling. The expansion of the amalgam can also cause fractures in the tooth structure, which means you will likely need a crown on that tooth. Additionally, the metal in amalgam fillings can cause unsightly dark gray stains on the teeth and gums. Fortunately, we have a more attractive solution with composite resin fillings.

Additionally, silver amalgam is actually 50% mercury. This causes safety concerns, because mercury is a toxic metal, and once it gets into your system, it can stay there for years.

There are many advantages to restoring teeth with composite resin fillings. Because they are bonded tightly to the natural tooth structure, composite resin fillings can restore your teeth to nearly their original strength. We can remove less of your natural tooth so that it remains stronger and less likely to crack or break, making it less likely that your tooth will require a crown in the future.

Composite resin fillings are healthier for your gums, since their tooth-colored margins allow us to place them above the gumline. The brands of composite that we use often contain fluoride, which helps prevent new decay at the edges of the fillings. And composite resin fillings don't just offer health benefits—they also look great! We closely match the color of the resin to the color of your teeth so that the fillings blend beautifully and brighten your smile.

Learn more about Fillings at the Patient Education Center.




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