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Colorado Snap-on Smile

The Snap-On Smile was developed several years ago by a dentist in New York. It is made out of a crystallized acetyl resin, which is tough and flexible. As its name implies, it snaps on over your existing teeth, and it can give you an entire new look, much as a more expensive smile makeover with porcelain veneers would do.

We are offering this in our office. The cost is a fraction of what a set of porcelain veneers would be. And there is no drilling or novocain required.

Here's how the Snap-On Smile is made. Dr. Rota starts the process by taking an impression of your teeth, from which a model of hardened plaster is created. This model is then sent to a laboratory in California, accompanied by detailed instructions that outline the smile design you have decided upon. The laboratory is the Den-Mat Laboratory, which owns the patent on this process.

When Dr. Rota receives the Snap-on Smile back from the lab, you come in to our office and simply snap the application onto your teeth. Any adjustments needed are usually fairly simple. The Snap-on Smile is durable enough to eat with, and is designed to last up to four years.

Contact Dr. Rota today if you would like more information regarding this new and exciting option in affordable, quick smile makeovers.

Pictures of a Snap-on Smile Case

Here we see a case of a woman who had what are called peg lateral incisors. The Snap-on Smile gives her a fresh, beautiful, symmetrical smile she can be excited about.


pic. of colorado snap-on smile before


pic. of colorado snap-on smile after

Situations Where a Snap-on Smile May Be Indicated

If you have a wedding, a class reunion, or other event and you want a removable smile makeover that you can use for the event, this is an excellent option.

If you are embarrassed by your smile and are looking for a job, and can't afford to fix your teeth first, you can use this to fix your smile temporarily until you can afford something permanent.











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