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Colorado Affordable Dental Implants

Many people are suffering with poorly fitting dentures, unable to eat properly, and embarrassed to be seen in public because they frequently slip or fall out. This is what has happened to them: After wearing dentures for ten or twenty years, their jawbone shrinks. Since there are no teeth present, the body treats the jawbone as unnecessary, and dissolves away the minerals to use elsewhere in the body. This is a process called facial collapse. It is inevitable when all the teeth are missing, and it makes you a dental cripple.

Dental implants would solve all the problems associated with facial collapse. They prevent this bone loss, and they also can anchor a denture so that it won't slip or fall out or be painful to wear. But implants are expensive, require complex surgery and often months of healing time.

An Affordable Dental Implants Option

That's why we're so excited to be able to offer the newest Colorado affordable dental implants option. Let's explain:

Mini implants were developed about twenty years ago. The idea was to make the dental implant process simpler and less expensive. After twenty years of testing, these new affordable dental implants have proved themselves, and we can confidently recommend them. If you're suffering with dentures that are painful, loose, and dysfunctional, this can dramatically improve your quality of life. If you are looking at your first set of dentures, this can prevent the otherwise inevitable facial collapse.

Pros and Cons of Affordable Mini Implants

Their smaller diameter makes the surgery much simpler. There is no surgical flap required and less surgical risk, and that makes them much less expensive. The cost can be half of what conventional implants would cost.

The simpler surgery is also less traumatic. Swelling is minimal, and the healing time is much shorter. Sometimes you can even wear your dentures right away, rather than waiting two or three months.

Just like conventional, full-sized fixtures, they will prevent bone loss and facial collapse.

However, they are not as strong as the more traditional implants, pictured below. For example, they could not support crown and bridge work. They simply aren't as sturdy. But they will help retain a complete denture and will prevent it from falling out or slipping around.

To make the procedure even more affordable, sometimes your existing denture can be simply relined to fit them.

This is a photograph of a standard fixture next to a mini dental implant. Notice how much smaller the diameter is. This means it can be placed without complex flap surgery, with dramatically shorter healing times, and it has less risk of interfering with anatomical structures.

  Colorado Springs affordable dental implants are smaller than conventional ones.

Read about our "Cash for Clunkers" denture trade-in program, which will make your dental implants even more affordable. You can trade in your old dentures for a new set.


Cash for Clunkers Colorado Springs affordable dental implants program



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