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"My new smile has changed my life in so many ways. It is one of the best decisions I ever made. I lived with tetracycline stains on my teeth; they were crooked and uneven and I had two front crowns that didn't match. Now, I have the confidence to smile and laugh without hiding my teeth. I rarely go anywhere without someone saying 'You have a great smile!' As a realtor, I exude confidence and credibility like never before. Thank you Dr. Rota!"
- Marilyn C., Colorado Springs, CO

"I've always received comments about my smile. Unfortunately the most common was, 'Gee, what happened to your teeth?' Dentists loved taking pictures of my teeth, saying it was the worst tetracycline staining they'd ever seen. I didn't smile much. When I did, I hid my smile behind my hands. I don't hide my teeth anymore. I proudly show them off. Some things never change! When I smile, people still comment about my teeth, but now it's to tell me how great they look. Dr. Rota gave me the smile I've always wanted."
- Cathy L., Colorado Springs, CO

"I've always wanted to have a smile without gaps and unevenness. However, everyone I met with cosmetic work looked unnatural opaque, too even, with that unsightly black edge. My goal was to look totally natural and my new smile is perfect! My friends say I look great, but don't immediately realize it's because of my new teeth. I'm definitely smiling now."
- David H., Colorado Springs, CO

"Being married to the doctor has its privileges, but it sure took some convincing to get me into the dental chair. I knew my teeth were worn and discolored, but I absolutely fear dentistry. I don't remember much about the appointment other than being seated in a warm, relaxing lounger and being given a gentle sedation. When I awoke, I immediately went to the mirror and saw a bright, beautiful smile looking back at me. I couldn't believe it was my smile! I love my more youthful look, and as a women's clothing consultant, it's important for me to present a good image."
- Bibby Rota, Dr. Rota's wife, Colorado Springs, CO

"It had been years since my last dental exam and I couldn't imagine scheduling my next appointment. In my mind, the embarrassment I might experience at the dentist was ten times worse than my dental pain. I reckoned that hiding my smile was easier than sharing it with anyone, especially the dentist. And then I did it. I scheduled an exam at Rota Advanced Dental Care. The doctor and staff answered my questions and calmed my fears and never once judged my 'dental anxiety.' After just two appointments, I lost my worry and gained a smile so healthy and so beautiful I couldn't wait to show it off! Now that I go to Dr. Rota, I feel happier and more relaxed knowing I'm in competent and caring hands."
- Jo W.

All testimonials and photos are from actual patients at Rota Advanced Dental Care. Individual results may vary.



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